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 womens cardio kickboxing

Looking for a quick and intense total body working? Womens cardio kickboxing might just be for you. You don’t have to be a fighter or fitness fanatic to reap the benefits of a punching and kicking work out. All you need is a pair of womens boxing gloves, a little bit of dedication and you are on your way to changing your life for the better.

Weight Loss

A womens cardio kicking boxing class is an intense aerobic workout that combines kickboxing techniques with an intense heart racing working out. An hour class of cardio kickboxing can burn over 500 calories. By adding this kind of work out into your weekly routine, you are sure to see waistline shrink.

Fitness Levels

Learning the proper techniques of punching and kicking, will force you to activate your core, legs and back muscles. By activating these muscles, your body will become more toned and your overall strength will increase. Throwing punches will give you your back muscles a great workout, while kicking techniques will will work your hamstrings and quads. By throwing these techniques in different angles, you will be working your core muscles and see your midsection tighten up as well.

Self Defence

All thought the primary reasons most people take womens cardio kickboxing classes are fitness oriented, practitioners are likely to pick up some valuable self defines skills as well. Most individuals do not know how to properly throw a punch or kick. In a self defines situation, having the proper technique of striking can come in handy, and create some space to get out of the situation.

Stress Relief

These days everyone is living a some what hectic and stressful life. After a long day of work, nothing helps melt away the stress than a good sweat. Cardio kickboxing is the perfect environment for feel good stress relief. Sweat away your anxiety and stress, by hitting a heavy bag or pads. You will feel like a million dollars afterwards and look forward to your next training session
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