Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kimurawear releases 3 new Women Lifestyle T-Shirt Designs

Kimurawear is Proud to announce the release of 3 new designs for our Women Lifestyle T-Shirt Collection.
Branded Fitted Women's V-Neck T-Shirt
Women's Fitted Stripe Black T-Shirt
Women's Fitted Stripe Tan T-Shirt
All Three designs, are fashionable and all under $30-
Making Extreme a Lifestyle
Founder & President
Jeff Lopes

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kimurawear Releases 4 New Icon Web Belts with Embossed Buckles

Kimurawear is proud to announce the release of 4 new Belts, our new Icon Web Belt Collection.
• Full Cotton Web Belt Design, for the Active Lifestyle Collection.

• Embossed Logo buckle with enamel fill icon.

• Embossed Tip with enamel fill Branded icon.

• Colors - Tan, Black, White, Grey

• One Size Fits All for Web Belt Design.

BONUS -Buckle turns into a beer bottle opener.

Making Extreme a Lifestyle

Founder & President

Jeff Lopes

Sunday, July 10, 2011

MMA Community & Anyone with a Child PLEASE READ THIS & PASS ON

Over two years ago, I had the great fortune to meet someone special with a heart of gold, and spend a week with him in Montreal, Canada UFC 97. This persons name is Vitor Miranda, Vitor is an amazing K-1 fighter and MMA fighter, with highlight reel knockouts.

This past year, Vitor picked up with his family and moved from his native home of Brazil, to the United States to Boca Raton, Florida. To live the America Dream, and give his family and children a better life. Well the Dream quickly has turned into a nightmare, a few weeks back. When Vitor's then 3 year old boy Igor Miranda, drown. Igor was a true fighter just like his father, but lost the fight in the ICU on his 4th birthday. Vitor being new to USA, coming with not much and no insurance coverage, now after trying to deal with this life changing moment is now stuck with a medical bill and funeral expenses. I am passing this to the MMA community and anyone that has a child, PLEASE help!. Any support whether $5 or $100 would be greatly appreciated from the Miranda family and 100% off all funds will be directly to this family, Funds could be sent via bank transfer
Vitor Miranda
Transit number:: 063100277.
Swift code:: BOFAUS3N
Saving account number: 2290 4104 9432

For another method of payment, please email us directly at
Vitor Miranda directly : or mobile: 1 561.901.7080

Thank you to all
Jeff Lopes
Founder & President

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kimurawear Releasee NEW 2.0 Seris Men's & Woman's training Gloves

Kimurawear is Proud to announce the Release of our new series of Training Gear - ReActive 2.0 Series, our first products are the Men's 16 oz & Woman's 12 0z, both feature BONUS safety enclosure pocket for the strap tip, which help prevent eye injuries during training and breathable air pockets, with a new EVA ReActive pre-molded form. Keeping our slogan going with "Training Just got Better"
2.0 Series - ReActive™ 16 oz Training Gloves
2.0 Series - ReActive™ Womens 12 oz Gloves
Making Extreme a Lifestyle
Founder & President
Jeff Lopes