Monday, December 10, 2012



Shane "Shaolin" Campbell has been fighting since he was eighteen years old. Since that time he has proven to be a top level competitor in both muay thai and MMA. Could he be the next big thing in the lightweight division in both the Canadian and International Fight scene. He just won the AFC lightweight title and recently got from Brazil training with Jose Also! Things are on the up and up.

Campbell received an invitation from Nova Unaio founder Andre Pederneiras, to come down to the teams main training facility in Rio de Janerio and train with UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo in preparation for an upcoming title defense against Frankie Edgar. Unfortunately the bout against Frankie Edgar never came to fruition because of an injury to Aldo, but Shane was still able to train with some of the best MMA fighters in the world at Nova Unaio.

How does a small town Canadian boy get invited to one of the top MMA camps in the world? In simple words, HE WINS! Shane fought his first professional muay thai fight at 18. Over the next 3 years shane would win multiple amateur and professional titles in the art of eight limbs. His biggest win came against top light weight fighter Chris Nibimbi. With the victory Cambell won the vacant W.K.A super middle weight title.

After compiling an impressive muay thai record of over 40 victories, Shane turned his attention to the popular sport of mixed martial arts. Fighting in the Canadian scene in both Alberta and Ontario, Shane would test his skills some Canada s up and comers. With several victories under his belt, Campbell moved up a weight calls to challenge for the Unified MMA welter weight strap. In the second round Shane was able to use some of his new found grappling skills to lock on on choke and win the title. This was the first of two MMA titles that the Canadian would win in 2012. Campbell would face and defeat Stephen Beaumonts at AFC 14 and win the lightweight title. Kimurawear was proud to sponsor Shane for this important fight and look forward to working with him in the future

With his impressive resume its no secret as to why Shane's skills caught the attention of mma power house, Nova Unaio. Perhaps another trip to Brazil is the future for Mr. Campbell and bigger things in the sport of MMA.


Will Romero

On Friday November 23rd, the fists were flying and the submissions were being locked on, at the Score Fighting Series. Kimurawear was proud to sponsor 7 of the top level athletes on the card.

Rory McDonell

First up was the head trainer from Para Bellum, Rory McDonell. His undefeated opponent Desmond green appeared out gunned on the feet and quickly took Rory to the mats to implement his viscous ground and pound. Almost immediately rory set up an armbar, but green was able to power out of it and slam McDonell back to the mats. As the round was coming to a close, Rory used his rubber guard to set up an omaplata, then to gogoplata and then finished with a straight armbar. A true thing of beauty!!

Elias Theodorou

At 185 pounds the charismatic Elias Theodorou faced the always game Ali Mokdad. There was very little striking in this bout, as Elias relentlessly pushed Mokdad against the cage. Once against the cage, Elias used his wrestling and natural power to take the fight to the mats. Mokdad put up little offence off of his back, as Elias worked his ground and pound. This sequence of events would happen the same way every round, and Elias cruised to a unanimous decision. Still undefeated at 6-0, Elias is quickly rising up the ranks of Canada s top middleweights.

Alex Ricci

Muay thai fighter turned MMa fighter Alex RIcci looked to bounce back after his first defeat, against Kevin Morin of Quebec. Morin was able to drag Ricci to the ground in the first round but unable to mount an serious kind of offence while on top. RIcci was able to stuff the take downs for the rest of the fight and keep it standing. Most of the action was against the cage for the rest of the fight with RIcci landing a plethora of elbows to the face of Morin. Kevin was able to take the punishment but the 2nd and 3rd rounds were RIccis and he was awarded the decision.

Jason Saggo

The high level ground skills were on display once Jason Saggo got his opponent, Iraj Hadin to the mats. Hadin did a good job of staying out of trouble in the first round when Saggo was able to put him in some bad position on the ground. But Hadin was playing with fire when he initiated a takedown and soon found himself on his back once again. This time Saggo was able to sink in the choke and score his seventh win by submission and 8th overall.

Tristan Johnson & Will Romero

These two long time Kimurawear sponsored athletes faced each other for the second time and ended up putting on the fight of the night. It was a back and forth slugfest, were Tristan to seemed land the larger volume of punches but Will was able to land the bigger shots. The key difference maker was probably the first round knockdown that Romero suffered as will as getting taken down in the third by Johnson. Tristan Johnson earned the split decision victory. Both warriors wore the marks of battle on there faces and bodies as they both put it on the line and entertained everyone in the crowd.

Ryan Healy

In the co-main event American Ryan Healy faced top Canadian prospect Jesse Ronson. It seemed like a typical striker vs grappler match as Healy pressed for the takedown as soon as he started taking some solid shots from Ronson. Healy had no luck with his takedown attempts and continued to take a lot of punishment through out the fight. Ronson was able to hurt Healy badly on a few occasions but just couldn't take out the tough American. He would not stay down. In the end Ronson took the unanimous decision. Ryan showed the true heart of a warrior and was never going to give up no matter what, and were very proud that he was wearing our shorts.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Will Romero

Will "Leon" Romero is known as a vicious muay thai striker and a much feared opponent in the Canadian featherweight MMA scene. He has compiled an impressive record of 9 wins and 3 losses and has finished 7 of his 9 opponents. He is looking to make it 10 wins come this Saturday August 25th at the Score Fighting Series 5 in Hamilton Ontario. Success has followed the fighter know was Leon as of late, but this wasn't always so.


Will began his MMA career with 6 straight victories and was able to win his first MMA title at Iroquois MMA Championships. He had everyone talking, and was delivering with impressive performances around the Ontario and Quebec areas. Everything seemed to be going to plan for the MMA newcomer as the victories piled up. The new kid on the block was becoming the big dog, but the story was far from over.


Alot of MMA constituents had written Will off after he had suffered three consecutive loses in the cage starting in 2010. This kind of adversity determines what kind of fighter an individual is. Are they the kind of fighter that folds under pressure and looks for a way out. Or does the hardship fuel there passion for the fight as there heart continues to beat to the sound of battle. Romeros fighting spirit is that of the latter, and was displayed in his next 3 bouts as he earned himself 3 hard fought victories. This brings us to the present when Romero returns to the battle ground of the cage at the Score Fighting Series 5.

On Saturday at Hamilton Palace Theater, Romero will be facing one of his toughest opponents to date in David "Tarzan" Douglas. Douglas is an big featherweight who packs a lot power in his attacks and is known as an ultra aggressive fighter. Tarzan has fought in the Strikeforce promotion four times splitting his bouts against top level competition. He is likely going to come out strong and look to use his size and power to bring the fight to Romero. Will is going to need to weather the early storm that is likely to brought by the fighter known as "Tarzan" and then use his precise striking skills to take it to Douglas. Let the battle begin.


Josh Hill

Josh Hill seems to be a win away from potentially changing his life. One more win could see the 135 pound mixed martial artist elevate his status from top Canadian prospect, to up and comer in one of the big shows of MMA. The 25 year old holds an undefeated record after eight bouts in the cage and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. He has taken on all comers in the Canadian circuit over the past three years and has yet to face any serious adversity during his fights. This may change on Saturday August the 25th when he faces his toughest test yet, in the ultra aggressive John Fraser.


Hill is going to look dominate Fraser with his natural athleticism and dynamic wrestling skills. These two factors have seen Joshs hand raised since he began his career in 2003. Hills first few fights were in the now defunct Warrior One MMA promotion. All three of these fights for Warrior One were finishes and got Josh noticed as someone to look out for in the future. Joshs impressive performances were well received and he was offered a title fight for the Alberta based promotion Aggression MMA. After 5 rounds of dominance against the previously undefeated Diego Wilson, Hill was declared champion.


The Score Fighting Series was formed in 2011 and was looking for Canada s best prospects to do battle in its cage. Josh was an obvious choice and fought on there first card at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. Hills opponent was then undefeated Darin Cooley, who was based out the infamous Cesar Gracie academy. Hill took the fight to Cooley and earned him the unanimous decision. This big win against an American opponent further solidified Josh as a future star.

With the bout against Fraser, Hill is going to face a different kind of fighter. Fraser is an aggressive forward moving fighter, who is not afraid to strike of grapple. He wont be intimated by Joshs reputation as a dominate wrestler. They have a common opponent in Eric Wilson, with Josh earning the decision while Fraser getting the finish. Although academic is does show the finishing ability of Fraser and marks him as a dangerous foe. The battle is set, the only thing left to do is fight. Come Saturday August 25th we are sure to see one.


Score Fighting Series

For the first time in Ontario MMA history, a Canadian promotion is live on national television. The Score fighting series is holding its first live to air event on saturday August 25th at the Hamilton Palace Theatre, in Hamilton Ontario. This is the fifth event that the score has put on but the first to air live on the Score channel. The events main card is live on the Score starting at 9pm while the undercard can be viewed live at starting at 6:30.


The main event pits undefeated bantamweight Josh Hill vs Sarnia's own the "Haggis Basher" John Fraser. Both of the these high paced athletes are on the verge of making it to the next level and the winner just may find himself on the big show after this event. Will Hill's athleticism and wrestling skills be enough to keep Fraser on his back and see the victory go to the young fighter out of stoney creek? Or will the unrelentless offensive attack of the Haggis Basher see an end to Hill's undefeated record. One thing for sure is, this is going to be one hell of a fight!


Both fighters in the co main event find themselves in a similar position as Hill and Fraser. A win here could see them elevated to greener pastures at a bigger event. 5-0 Alex Ricci has looked unstoppable in all of his bouts, and has finished all of his opponents by Ko/Tko. He has transitioned very well from successful Muay Thai career into a top prospect in the Canadian MMA scene. Standing in his way is Adrenaline Training Centers Jesses Ronson. The hard hitting veteran has a lot more experience than Ricci and is looking to be the next star to come out of London Ontario. Fireworks are going to be on display for this one.

Also on the card are top canadian prospect Will Romero, Jason Saggo, Tristan Johnson and Frank Marques. Kimurawear is proud to sponsor all of these athletes as well as the above mentioned Josh Hill and Alex Ricci. We wish all of these fighters the best of luck on the 25th.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo-Shoot For Mens Training Gear

MMA super star Thiago Silva, took the time out of his busy schedule this past week to take part in a Photo-Shoot with us. Thiago has been supporting our training gear for quite some time, and we are very proud to have such an outstanding fighter as the face of our Mens Training Gear. As always when in Florida we are accompanied by Tom Hill, who was the man behind the lens during this shoot. Tom has been working with us for a while, and once you have seen his work you will understand why.

Thiago Silva wearing Mens Hand Wraps Thiago Silva using Thai Pads Thiago Silva wearing Mens Boxing Gloves

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photot-Shoot For Womens Training Gear

Kimurawear was in sunny Chico, California for a photo-shoot this past weekend for our Women's Training Gear. As we dedicate as much time and effort to both our Mens and Womens Lines, we spared no expense. Long time Kimurawear model Terssa Hankins was looking as beautiful as ever as she posed in front of the camera fully clad in Kimurawear our Womens Performance Apparel and our Training Gear. Expert photographer Zachariah Epperson was on hand to use his creative talent and made some really amazing shots.

Womens Boxing Gloves Womens Training Gear Womens Shinguards Womens Performance Apparel Woman in Fighting Stance Woman Punching Woman Working Out

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jessica Aguilar Becomes Number One

This past friday at Bellator 69 in New Orleans, Louisiana, number two ranked female 115 pound fighter Jessica Aguilar faced off against number one ranked Megumi Fuji. The highly anticipated fight didn't disappoint as both women showed a fighters heart and put on a three round mma clinic for those watching.
The first round is a back and forth afar, with both women trying to find there range and figure out there opponent. Aguilar lands the better punches and is able to keep the fight standing for the most part. During a scramble close to the end of the round, Fuji is able to latch on to a deep armbar. Aguilar defends well and Fuji switches to an omoplata as the round expires.
The second round goes in favor of Aguilar as she connects with multiple jabs and right hands. Fuji presses forward but cant get anything going as she eats more punches. Fuji is beginning to show to marks of battle on her face as several cuts have opened up on her face. The round ends with a frustrated Fuji charging forward to no avail.
The third round is another close 5 minutes as both fighters exchange kicks and punches. Fuji is able to get Aguilar to the mat and works some ground and pound. Aguilar is throwing punches from the bottom but Fuji remains on top throwing punches to the body. Aguilar trys to catch Fuji in an armbar but Fuji defends well. The round ends and the judges have a tough decision to make.
The scorecards give Jessica a unanimous decision as she earns the victory, two rounds to one. Aguilar has beaten the number one ranked female 115 pound fighter and takes the top spot herself. Whats next? Perhaps a rematch with the last women to beat her and the current 115 pound Bellator Champ, Zolia Gurgel. Set it up Bjorn!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kimurwear Training Gear Team Goes 3-0

TJ Grant with Gloves

Last night in Fairfax, Virginia the UFC delivered another spectacular card at the Patriot Center. Three members of the Kimurawear Training Gear Team were in action and produced as advertised.

First in action was Canadas own TJ Grant, making his sophomore appearance in the light weight division. HIs opponent in the octagon was an experienced veteran in Carlo Prater. TJ was able to out work his opponent in every position throughout the whole 15 minute fight and earned the unanimous decision.

Next up was Donald the Cowboy Cerrone, facing off against hard hitting Jeremy Stephens. Cerrone was able to use reach advantage as well his muay thai skills to batter Stephens from a distance and wear the lightweight fighter down. Cerrone got back in the winners column with the unanimous decision.

The main event saw Kimurawear Training Gear member, the Korean Zombie take on Dustin Poirier. The fight was rumored to be for the number one contender status in the featherweight division. The fight was went a grueling four rounds, with some back and forth action. The Korean Zombie was able to hurt Porier in the 4th and finish him off with a darce choke. Next up could be the title!

Korean Zombie Donald Cerrone

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thiago Silva Gives it His All

Thiago Silva with Gloves

This past saturday at UFC on Fuel 2, Kimurawear athlete Thiago Silva faced off against top prospect Alexander Gustafsson in a light heavyweight affair. The bout went all three rounds with the Swedish import getting the nod from all three judges. An aggressive Thiago Silva could not deal with the reach advantage of his lanky opponent and was out pointed from a far. The fight wasn't without Thiagos moments, as he was able to score with solid punches from time to time, but it was not enough to turn the momentum of the fight. Gracious in defeat, Thiago acknowledged his opponents ability to keep him at bay and congratulated him for the performance. Thiago showed a true warriors spirit in his performance and never stopped looking for the knockout. We at are proud of Thiago for never giving up and for putting on an exciting fight.

Thiago Silva Kicking

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Future is Looking Green

Kimurawear has always been dedicated to maintaining a greener environment. Our green policies are in place to provide a cleaner and brighter future. One way in which we do this is by reducing our paper consumption as much possible. Our product catalog is only available on digital format and all of our paper used throughout our office is recycled paper.

Another of our green policies involves the production of our products. All of our prints are water based instead of the more polluting oil based inks. Also, the majority of our apparel is manufactured with organic cottons.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thiago Silva is Back

On March 31st, Kimurawear was in Coconut Creek Florida to take in some of Thiago Silva's training, as he prepares for his comeback fight on April 14th. Thiago Silva has been out of action for over a year and is looking to make a big impact upon his return during the UFC's first foray into Sweden. His opponent will be rising swedish star Alexander Gustafsson. This fight will see ether Thiago return to a top contender or continuation of Gustafsson's rise up the ranks.

Thiago Silva's raw and real talent can be seen in the photo-shoot that he took part in for Kimurawears ReActive line. Black eye and all, Thiago brought the intensity that he is known for into every picture taken. Kimurawears ReActive line is a high end and high tech product line that is geared towards everyday gym heros or professional athletes. The line contains mens and women's gloves, shin guards, muay thai pads, body protectors, mini target pads, curved kick shields, mma 4oz gloves, focus pads, 7oz hybrid gloves and head gear.

The technology behind the line lies in the reactive foam that is a main component in all the above products construction. This foam is specially designed, so that upon impact the product is able to reform its shape up to 60% faster than normal. This Technology reduces the repeated impact of multiple strikes, by reforming to its original state at a faster rate, then traditional foam. This allows for a safer and more protective environment , during fighting and training.

Thiago was in full Kimurawear ReActive gear for his training and photo-shoot in Florida. We are proud to have Thiago as the face of our ReActive line and are very excited to see his return to the octagon. We know Thiago will looking for the finish in Sweden and can guarantee an exciting fight.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

12 and 9 Inch Speed Bags Released

Mixed martial arts encompasses a variety of different arts, in-order to create the best possible fighter. One of the arts that is used in MMA, is the sweet science of boxing. Boxers rely on fast hand combinations in-order to out punch there opponents and are always looking for the knockout. The speed of which a fighter can deliver punches whether in mma or boxing, can be the deciding factor in determining the outcome of a fight. Boxers have relied on the speed bag for many years to keep there hands fast and sharp. At Kimurawear we have had great success with our initial 12 inch speed bag, and look to build on this success with a new 12 inch model as well as a smaller 9 inch model.

Both of our new models of speed bags are made with all premium leather and have been triple stitched in order to provide a top quality and durable product to our customers. The reason we now offer two different sizes in our speed bag line, is not only to give our customers more options, but to establish a beginner product (12 Inch) and a more advanced product (9 Inch). A key feature which differentiates our speed bags from the rest of the market can be found in the loop at the top of the speed bag. This part of the bag sees most of the wear and tear, and in order to counter that problem we have reinforced the loop with canvass liner.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New 7oz Hybrid MMA Training Gloves

With the succes of our original 7oz hybrid mma training glove, it was a no brainer to continue the sucess with a new version of the glove. As with all of our products at Kimurawear, we dont just change the look of the product and then sell it. We strive to improve on the previous version of the product and make the product work better for the end user.

Our new 7oz hybrid training mma glove is loaded with new features that look at makeing a better and safer product for our customers. The wrist strap has been lengthened in order to allow a double wrap around the users wrist. A double wrap arround the wrist adds strenght and support to the users wrist, and prevents any kind of wrist injury from training.Another important feature that has been added to hybrid glove is added protection to the thumb portion of the glove. With mma gloves the thumb is exposed in training and has a chance of being injured. We took this into consideration with our glove reamake and added some extra protection in order to limit thumb injury. Our final new feature that the hybrid glove has is a softer mold on the inside of the glove. Our gloves are made from a high quality EVA foam material. We created a softer mold for the glove in order to add extra mobility for the users hand. This extra mobility adds comfort and flexibility to the user.

2 in1 Gym Bag Review by BJJ Culture

BJJ Culture is a website that is dedicated to the jiu jitsu and grappling community in the eastern part of the world. With many martial arts coming from that part of the world it is very fitting that such a website exists to catch all the news and information coming out of the part of the world. BJJ culture is a very respected website around the world and has selected one of our products (2 in 1 Gym Bag) to do a product review. We are very happy to offer up one of our top selling items up BJJ culture and to see what they think of it.

Review by BJJ Culture on 2 in 1 Gym Bag

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Bolt Series MMA Board Shorts

Lightning never strikes the same place twice, but that saying may change as Kimurawear releases our Bolt Series MMA Board Shorts. Aspiring fighters and athletes may find themselves striking with lighting efficiency the same place over and over again, while wearing our top of the line Bolt Shorts. Our MMA Board Shorts have been one of our staple products since the companies inception 7 years ago. We have been bringing our customers a top of the line product that has been embroidered with style for many years. This tradition continues with our new Bolt Line, and we expect this product to flying off the shelves like lightning.

We have added many innovative technologies to the bolt line, that will see your comfort and efficiency will excel in MMA, Grappling, Muay Thai or any athletic endeavor that the user decides to partake in.Firstly, our shorts are constructed with ultra light breathable rip stop 4 Way Stretch poly / Cotton / Spandex Blend material, making the toughest shorts on the market. We also added a added layer of stretch flex panels in the inseam of each leg and 2 inch reinforced split seam across the outside panels for added bonus range of motion when sprawling, shooting or kicking. Our adjustable velcro waistband design with internal hook & loop drawstring, will provide a secure comfortable fit during the ground game.

New 14oz Gloves

Many of our Muay Thai customers have been asking for a 14oz training glove for sometime. At Kimurawear we listen to our customers and take a keen interest into what they have to say. The people have spoken and Kimurawear has answered there call. Kimurawear is proud to announce the release of our 14oz glove line.

Like all of gloves, our 14oz gloves are top of the line in quality and technological innovations. Our new 14oz line is made of premium leather and all of our seems are reinforced for durability. These are the toughest gloves on the market, and are going to last the user much longer than the competitions. Another cool feature of our 14oz glove is our elastic wrist strap. This flexible strap adds extra wrist support as well as provides comfort to the user. Our gloves are fitted with a moisture repellent nylon fabric inside the liner. This high tech fabric allows gloves to dry 70% faster and eliminates odour.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Youth Training Gloves

Kimurawear has released three new products to our every growing brand. Firstly, we have released new models of our 10oz and 12oz training gloves. Both sets of gloves were a big hit with our customers, but at Kimurawear we are always striving to improve on our existing line. For the new line of 10 and 12 oz gloves, we added an elastic wrist strap to the base of the glove. This strap creates a tighter fit for the user but also adds a high degree of flexibility and wrist support. Another new feature that will greatly benefit the user is an increase in air pockets on the underside of the glove. With the additional air pockets, the users hands will be cooled and kept dry with the higher level of air flow. We have not only added new features to our new models but also redesigned the look of the glove. All of our gloves now come in two different color combinations to offer our customers a wider variety (Blue and Black, White and Red).

Pro Series Gym Bag

Our second new product is our Pro Series Gym Bag. The main feature of this new product is the size of the main compartment of the bag. Training in the sport of mixed martial arts requires a lot of training gear and finding a bag that can fit all of the gear in it is a top priority of our customers. We have solved this problem with our new Pro Series Gym Bag by creating a 35" x 12" x 12" main compartment. With this feature there is nothing that cannot fit in the Pro Series. Another feature of the bag that is of great benefit to the user is the addition of 12 zippered pockets. These pockets are great for storing things such as mouth guards, soap/shampoo, deodorant, hand wraps and much more. Not only is this bag the biggest bag on the market but its also the toughest. The Pro Series Gym Bag is made of water proof polyester rip stop material. This material is double stitched do ensure maximum durability.

Pro Series Swivel

Our final new product that is being launched is our Speed Bag Pro Series Swivel. Our Swivel is made of solid brass and is chrome plated. This high quality product is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean and maintain. Our 2 way design allows for perfect motion for speed bag workouts at home or at the gym. The Speed Bag Pro Series Swivel is a perfect fit for our speed bag.


Youth Training Gloves

Kimurawear is proud to announce the launch of our youth line. The sport of mixed martial arts has taken the world by storm over the last several years and its popularity has created sports stars that rival that of NHL or NBA players. With these new age role models, the youth of today has new breed of athlete to look up to. World class athletes who have the fortitude and discipline in order to succeed. More and more young teens and youth are beginning to train to some degree in the various disciplines of mixed martial arts. Kimurawear has launched our youth line in order give the youth of today the same high quality gear that our brand is known for.

Youth Training Gloves

Our youth line consists of a set of 8oz training gloves, hand-wraps and a mouth guard. Our 8oz training gloves are mode of premium leather in order to give the gloves maximum durability and to make them last longer than the competition. Like all of our training gloves, our 8 oz gloves come in two different color combinations (Blue and Black, Red and White). Our hand wraps are 75 inches long and are designed in a mexican style. The hand wraps are available in black and red. Our mouth guard comes with a hygiene case which is an essential way to keep your mouth guard clean between training sessions.

At Kimurawear, we continue to strive to create products that are of the highest quality and that lead the market in innovation and technology. With our youth line, this philosophy is no different. We promise to bring the youth of today the highest quality gear at an affordable price, while distinguishing our brand from the competition through innovation.

Training Just Got Better