Thursday, August 23, 2012


Will Romero

Will "Leon" Romero is known as a vicious muay thai striker and a much feared opponent in the Canadian featherweight MMA scene. He has compiled an impressive record of 9 wins and 3 losses and has finished 7 of his 9 opponents. He is looking to make it 10 wins come this Saturday August 25th at the Score Fighting Series 5 in Hamilton Ontario. Success has followed the fighter know was Leon as of late, but this wasn't always so.


Will began his MMA career with 6 straight victories and was able to win his first MMA title at Iroquois MMA Championships. He had everyone talking, and was delivering with impressive performances around the Ontario and Quebec areas. Everything seemed to be going to plan for the MMA newcomer as the victories piled up. The new kid on the block was becoming the big dog, but the story was far from over.


Alot of MMA constituents had written Will off after he had suffered three consecutive loses in the cage starting in 2010. This kind of adversity determines what kind of fighter an individual is. Are they the kind of fighter that folds under pressure and looks for a way out. Or does the hardship fuel there passion for the fight as there heart continues to beat to the sound of battle. Romeros fighting spirit is that of the latter, and was displayed in his next 3 bouts as he earned himself 3 hard fought victories. This brings us to the present when Romero returns to the battle ground of the cage at the Score Fighting Series 5.

On Saturday at Hamilton Palace Theater, Romero will be facing one of his toughest opponents to date in David "Tarzan" Douglas. Douglas is an big featherweight who packs a lot power in his attacks and is known as an ultra aggressive fighter. Tarzan has fought in the Strikeforce promotion four times splitting his bouts against top level competition. He is likely going to come out strong and look to use his size and power to bring the fight to Romero. Will is going to need to weather the early storm that is likely to brought by the fighter known as "Tarzan" and then use his precise striking skills to take it to Douglas. Let the battle begin.

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