Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo-Shoot For Mens Training Gear

MMA super star Thiago Silva, took the time out of his busy schedule this past week to take part in a Photo-Shoot with us. Thiago has been supporting our training gear for quite some time, and we are very proud to have such an outstanding fighter as the face of our Mens Training Gear. As always when in Florida we are accompanied by Tom Hill, who was the man behind the lens during this shoot. Tom has been working with us for a while, and once you have seen his work you will understand why.

Thiago Silva wearing Mens Hand Wraps Thiago Silva using Thai Pads Thiago Silva wearing Mens Boxing Gloves

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photot-Shoot For Womens Training Gear

Kimurawear was in sunny Chico, California for a photo-shoot this past weekend for our Women's Training Gear. As we dedicate as much time and effort to both our Mens and Womens Lines, we spared no expense. Long time Kimurawear model Terssa Hankins was looking as beautiful as ever as she posed in front of the camera fully clad in Kimurawear our Womens Performance Apparel and our Training Gear. Expert photographer Zachariah Epperson was on hand to use his creative talent and made some really amazing shots.

Womens Boxing Gloves Womens Training Gear Womens Shinguards Womens Performance Apparel Woman in Fighting Stance Woman Punching Woman Working Out

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jessica Aguilar Becomes Number One

This past friday at Bellator 69 in New Orleans, Louisiana, number two ranked female 115 pound fighter Jessica Aguilar faced off against number one ranked Megumi Fuji. The highly anticipated fight didn't disappoint as both women showed a fighters heart and put on a three round mma clinic for those watching.
The first round is a back and forth afar, with both women trying to find there range and figure out there opponent. Aguilar lands the better punches and is able to keep the fight standing for the most part. During a scramble close to the end of the round, Fuji is able to latch on to a deep armbar. Aguilar defends well and Fuji switches to an omoplata as the round expires.
The second round goes in favor of Aguilar as she connects with multiple jabs and right hands. Fuji presses forward but cant get anything going as she eats more punches. Fuji is beginning to show to marks of battle on her face as several cuts have opened up on her face. The round ends with a frustrated Fuji charging forward to no avail.
The third round is another close 5 minutes as both fighters exchange kicks and punches. Fuji is able to get Aguilar to the mat and works some ground and pound. Aguilar is throwing punches from the bottom but Fuji remains on top throwing punches to the body. Aguilar trys to catch Fuji in an armbar but Fuji defends well. The round ends and the judges have a tough decision to make.
The scorecards give Jessica a unanimous decision as she earns the victory, two rounds to one. Aguilar has beaten the number one ranked female 115 pound fighter and takes the top spot herself. Whats next? Perhaps a rematch with the last women to beat her and the current 115 pound Bellator Champ, Zolia Gurgel. Set it up Bjorn!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kimurwear Training Gear Team Goes 3-0

TJ Grant with Gloves

Last night in Fairfax, Virginia the UFC delivered another spectacular card at the Patriot Center. Three members of the Kimurawear Training Gear Team were in action and produced as advertised.

First in action was Canadas own TJ Grant, making his sophomore appearance in the light weight division. HIs opponent in the octagon was an experienced veteran in Carlo Prater. TJ was able to out work his opponent in every position throughout the whole 15 minute fight and earned the unanimous decision.

Next up was Donald the Cowboy Cerrone, facing off against hard hitting Jeremy Stephens. Cerrone was able to use reach advantage as well his muay thai skills to batter Stephens from a distance and wear the lightweight fighter down. Cerrone got back in the winners column with the unanimous decision.

The main event saw Kimurawear Training Gear member, the Korean Zombie take on Dustin Poirier. The fight was rumored to be for the number one contender status in the featherweight division. The fight was went a grueling four rounds, with some back and forth action. The Korean Zombie was able to hurt Porier in the 4th and finish him off with a darce choke. Next up could be the title!

Korean Zombie Donald Cerrone