Monday, December 10, 2012


Will Romero

On Friday November 23rd, the fists were flying and the submissions were being locked on, at the Score Fighting Series. Kimurawear was proud to sponsor 7 of the top level athletes on the card.

Rory McDonell

First up was the head trainer from Para Bellum, Rory McDonell. His undefeated opponent Desmond green appeared out gunned on the feet and quickly took Rory to the mats to implement his viscous ground and pound. Almost immediately rory set up an armbar, but green was able to power out of it and slam McDonell back to the mats. As the round was coming to a close, Rory used his rubber guard to set up an omaplata, then to gogoplata and then finished with a straight armbar. A true thing of beauty!!

Elias Theodorou

At 185 pounds the charismatic Elias Theodorou faced the always game Ali Mokdad. There was very little striking in this bout, as Elias relentlessly pushed Mokdad against the cage. Once against the cage, Elias used his wrestling and natural power to take the fight to the mats. Mokdad put up little offence off of his back, as Elias worked his ground and pound. This sequence of events would happen the same way every round, and Elias cruised to a unanimous decision. Still undefeated at 6-0, Elias is quickly rising up the ranks of Canada s top middleweights.

Alex Ricci

Muay thai fighter turned MMa fighter Alex RIcci looked to bounce back after his first defeat, against Kevin Morin of Quebec. Morin was able to drag Ricci to the ground in the first round but unable to mount an serious kind of offence while on top. RIcci was able to stuff the take downs for the rest of the fight and keep it standing. Most of the action was against the cage for the rest of the fight with RIcci landing a plethora of elbows to the face of Morin. Kevin was able to take the punishment but the 2nd and 3rd rounds were RIccis and he was awarded the decision.

Jason Saggo

The high level ground skills were on display once Jason Saggo got his opponent, Iraj Hadin to the mats. Hadin did a good job of staying out of trouble in the first round when Saggo was able to put him in some bad position on the ground. But Hadin was playing with fire when he initiated a takedown and soon found himself on his back once again. This time Saggo was able to sink in the choke and score his seventh win by submission and 8th overall.

Tristan Johnson & Will Romero

These two long time Kimurawear sponsored athletes faced each other for the second time and ended up putting on the fight of the night. It was a back and forth slugfest, were Tristan to seemed land the larger volume of punches but Will was able to land the bigger shots. The key difference maker was probably the first round knockdown that Romero suffered as will as getting taken down in the third by Johnson. Tristan Johnson earned the split decision victory. Both warriors wore the marks of battle on there faces and bodies as they both put it on the line and entertained everyone in the crowd.

Ryan Healy

In the co-main event American Ryan Healy faced top Canadian prospect Jesse Ronson. It seemed like a typical striker vs grappler match as Healy pressed for the takedown as soon as he started taking some solid shots from Ronson. Healy had no luck with his takedown attempts and continued to take a lot of punishment through out the fight. Ronson was able to hurt Healy badly on a few occasions but just couldn't take out the tough American. He would not stay down. In the end Ronson took the unanimous decision. Ryan showed the true heart of a warrior and was never going to give up no matter what, and were very proud that he was wearing our shorts.

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