Monday, December 10, 2012



Shane "Shaolin" Campbell has been fighting since he was eighteen years old. Since that time he has proven to be a top level competitor in both muay thai and MMA. Could he be the next big thing in the lightweight division in both the Canadian and International Fight scene. He just won the AFC lightweight title and recently got from Brazil training with Jose Also! Things are on the up and up.

Campbell received an invitation from Nova Unaio founder Andre Pederneiras, to come down to the teams main training facility in Rio de Janerio and train with UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo in preparation for an upcoming title defense against Frankie Edgar. Unfortunately the bout against Frankie Edgar never came to fruition because of an injury to Aldo, but Shane was still able to train with some of the best MMA fighters in the world at Nova Unaio.

How does a small town Canadian boy get invited to one of the top MMA camps in the world? In simple words, HE WINS! Shane fought his first professional muay thai fight at 18. Over the next 3 years shane would win multiple amateur and professional titles in the art of eight limbs. His biggest win came against top light weight fighter Chris Nibimbi. With the victory Cambell won the vacant W.K.A super middle weight title.

After compiling an impressive muay thai record of over 40 victories, Shane turned his attention to the popular sport of mixed martial arts. Fighting in the Canadian scene in both Alberta and Ontario, Shane would test his skills some Canada s up and comers. With several victories under his belt, Campbell moved up a weight calls to challenge for the Unified MMA welter weight strap. In the second round Shane was able to use some of his new found grappling skills to lock on on choke and win the title. This was the first of two MMA titles that the Canadian would win in 2012. Campbell would face and defeat Stephen Beaumonts at AFC 14 and win the lightweight title. Kimurawear was proud to sponsor Shane for this important fight and look forward to working with him in the future

With his impressive resume its no secret as to why Shane's skills caught the attention of mma power house, Nova Unaio. Perhaps another trip to Brazil is the future for Mr. Campbell and bigger things in the sport of MMA.

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