Thursday, February 16, 2012


Youth Training Gloves

Kimurawear is proud to announce the launch of our youth line. The sport of mixed martial arts has taken the world by storm over the last several years and its popularity has created sports stars that rival that of NHL or NBA players. With these new age role models, the youth of today has new breed of athlete to look up to. World class athletes who have the fortitude and discipline in order to succeed. More and more young teens and youth are beginning to train to some degree in the various disciplines of mixed martial arts. Kimurawear has launched our youth line in order give the youth of today the same high quality gear that our brand is known for.

Youth Training Gloves

Our youth line consists of a set of 8oz training gloves, hand-wraps and a mouth guard. Our 8oz training gloves are mode of premium leather in order to give the gloves maximum durability and to make them last longer than the competition. Like all of our training gloves, our 8 oz gloves come in two different color combinations (Blue and Black, Red and White). Our hand wraps are 75 inches long and are designed in a mexican style. The hand wraps are available in black and red. Our mouth guard comes with a hygiene case which is an essential way to keep your mouth guard clean between training sessions.

At Kimurawear, we continue to strive to create products that are of the highest quality and that lead the market in innovation and technology. With our youth line, this philosophy is no different. We promise to bring the youth of today the highest quality gear at an affordable price, while distinguishing our brand from the competition through innovation.

Training Just Got Better

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