Thursday, February 16, 2012


Youth Training Gloves

Kimurawear has released three new products to our every growing brand. Firstly, we have released new models of our 10oz and 12oz training gloves. Both sets of gloves were a big hit with our customers, but at Kimurawear we are always striving to improve on our existing line. For the new line of 10 and 12 oz gloves, we added an elastic wrist strap to the base of the glove. This strap creates a tighter fit for the user but also adds a high degree of flexibility and wrist support. Another new feature that will greatly benefit the user is an increase in air pockets on the underside of the glove. With the additional air pockets, the users hands will be cooled and kept dry with the higher level of air flow. We have not only added new features to our new models but also redesigned the look of the glove. All of our gloves now come in two different color combinations to offer our customers a wider variety (Blue and Black, White and Red).

Pro Series Gym Bag

Our second new product is our Pro Series Gym Bag. The main feature of this new product is the size of the main compartment of the bag. Training in the sport of mixed martial arts requires a lot of training gear and finding a bag that can fit all of the gear in it is a top priority of our customers. We have solved this problem with our new Pro Series Gym Bag by creating a 35" x 12" x 12" main compartment. With this feature there is nothing that cannot fit in the Pro Series. Another feature of the bag that is of great benefit to the user is the addition of 12 zippered pockets. These pockets are great for storing things such as mouth guards, soap/shampoo, deodorant, hand wraps and much more. Not only is this bag the biggest bag on the market but its also the toughest. The Pro Series Gym Bag is made of water proof polyester rip stop material. This material is double stitched do ensure maximum durability.

Pro Series Swivel

Our final new product that is being launched is our Speed Bag Pro Series Swivel. Our Swivel is made of solid brass and is chrome plated. This high quality product is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean and maintain. Our 2 way design allows for perfect motion for speed bag workouts at home or at the gym. The Speed Bag Pro Series Swivel is a perfect fit for our speed bag.

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