Thursday, March 8, 2012

New 14oz Gloves

Many of our Muay Thai customers have been asking for a 14oz training glove for sometime. At Kimurawear we listen to our customers and take a keen interest into what they have to say. The people have spoken and Kimurawear has answered there call. Kimurawear is proud to announce the release of our 14oz glove line.

Like all of gloves, our 14oz gloves are top of the line in quality and technological innovations. Our new 14oz line is made of premium leather and all of our seems are reinforced for durability. These are the toughest gloves on the market, and are going to last the user much longer than the competitions. Another cool feature of our 14oz glove is our elastic wrist strap. This flexible strap adds extra wrist support as well as provides comfort to the user. Our gloves are fitted with a moisture repellent nylon fabric inside the liner. This high tech fabric allows gloves to dry 70% faster and eliminates odour.

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