Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New 7oz Hybrid MMA Training Gloves

With the succes of our original 7oz hybrid mma training glove, it was a no brainer to continue the sucess with a new version of the glove. As with all of our products at Kimurawear, we dont just change the look of the product and then sell it. We strive to improve on the previous version of the product and make the product work better for the end user.

Our new 7oz hybrid training mma glove is loaded with new features that look at makeing a better and safer product for our customers. The wrist strap has been lengthened in order to allow a double wrap around the users wrist. A double wrap arround the wrist adds strenght and support to the users wrist, and prevents any kind of wrist injury from training.Another important feature that has been added to hybrid glove is added protection to the thumb portion of the glove. With mma gloves the thumb is exposed in training and has a chance of being injured. We took this into consideration with our glove reamake and added some extra protection in order to limit thumb injury. Our final new feature that the hybrid glove has is a softer mold on the inside of the glove. Our gloves are made from a high quality EVA foam material. We created a softer mold for the glove in order to add extra mobility for the users hand. This extra mobility adds comfort and flexibility to the user.

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