Tuesday, April 3, 2012

12 and 9 Inch Speed Bags Released

Mixed martial arts encompasses a variety of different arts, in-order to create the best possible fighter. One of the arts that is used in MMA, is the sweet science of boxing. Boxers rely on fast hand combinations in-order to out punch there opponents and are always looking for the knockout. The speed of which a fighter can deliver punches whether in mma or boxing, can be the deciding factor in determining the outcome of a fight. Boxers have relied on the speed bag for many years to keep there hands fast and sharp. At Kimurawear we have had great success with our initial 12 inch speed bag, and look to build on this success with a new 12 inch model as well as a smaller 9 inch model.

Both of our new models of speed bags are made with all premium leather and have been triple stitched in order to provide a top quality and durable product to our customers. The reason we now offer two different sizes in our speed bag line, is not only to give our customers more options, but to establish a beginner product (12 Inch) and a more advanced product (9 Inch). A key feature which differentiates our speed bags from the rest of the market can be found in the loop at the top of the speed bag. This part of the bag sees most of the wear and tear, and in order to counter that problem we have reinforced the loop with canvass liner.

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