Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thiago Silva is Back

On March 31st, Kimurawear was in Coconut Creek Florida to take in some of Thiago Silva's training, as he prepares for his comeback fight on April 14th. Thiago Silva has been out of action for over a year and is looking to make a big impact upon his return during the UFC's first foray into Sweden. His opponent will be rising swedish star Alexander Gustafsson. This fight will see ether Thiago return to a top contender or continuation of Gustafsson's rise up the ranks.

Thiago Silva's raw and real talent can be seen in the photo-shoot that he took part in for Kimurawears ReActive line. Black eye and all, Thiago brought the intensity that he is known for into every picture taken. Kimurawears ReActive line is a high end and high tech product line that is geared towards everyday gym heros or professional athletes. The line contains mens and women's gloves, shin guards, muay thai pads, body protectors, mini target pads, curved kick shields, mma 4oz gloves, focus pads, 7oz hybrid gloves and head gear.

The technology behind the line lies in the reactive foam that is a main component in all the above products construction. This foam is specially designed, so that upon impact the product is able to reform its shape up to 60% faster than normal. This Technology reduces the repeated impact of multiple strikes, by reforming to its original state at a faster rate, then traditional foam. This allows for a safer and more protective environment , during fighting and training.

Thiago was in full Kimurawear ReActive gear for his training and photo-shoot in Florida. We are proud to have Thiago as the face of our ReActive line and are very excited to see his return to the octagon. We know Thiago will looking for the finish in Sweden and can guarantee an exciting fight.

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