Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Anthony Birchak is the number 1 bantamweight for the Maximum Fighting Championship. He doesn't have a title to prove it yet, but sounds like he will have that opportunity very soon.

Anthony comes form a strong wrestling background in both freestyle and greco-roman. He was able to win the greco roman championship 4 consecutive times as well the freestyle state championship 3 consecutive times while in high school. In college Anthony continued find success when became a three time state medalist and a state runner up in 2003. Using his strong wrestling skills as a base, Birchak has been able to become a complete mma fighter and amassed an impressive 9-1 record.

On May 10th at MFC 37 True Grit, Birchak found himself in the main event against talented striker Ryan Benoit. Birchak was able to neutralize Benoits striking techniques with a relentless wrestling attack that say most of the bout take place on the ground. Both fighters had dominant positions throughout out the fight, but Birchak seemed to haves Benoit in trouble more often and displayed a high level jiu jitsu game. As the fight went on, Benoit seemed to tire and Birchak continued to attack and was able to easily get the nod from all three judges.

With this impressive victory Brichak has solidified his status as the number one bantamweight fighting for the MFC. His next fight will be for the vacant MFC bantamweight title against an unknown opponent. Chances are this young prospect is going to be staying around for while.

We at Kimurawear are very happy to be working with Anthony Birchak, not only is he a young and talented fighter but he has the personality to got with it. We see big things happening for this guy.

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