Monday, March 16, 2009

Thales Leites Ready to Shock the World at UFC 97

On April, 18 2009 UFC will touch down in Montreal, Canada with UFC 97. This card will feature some of the sports biggest names. Headlined with Silva vs. Leites, the basic striker vs. grappler, a battle that has shined on the octagon many times prior. But this time things are a little different, we are talking about arguably the best striker in the world vs. the best MMA Ground fighter in the world. Thales has easily embraced the role of the underdog, not fearing what the Vegas bet lines read, but instead focusing on the support and believe from his family, friends and team. I am guessing it is instilled in us all from our culture to cheer on the underdog, whether it is from the sports team that should not be there in the playoffs, playing well past there capability, or we are sitting back on or couch and watching a replay of a Rocky movie. As Thales head sponsor with our Kimurawear line of apparel, I have had the opportunity to meet and become close friends. As I began to know Thales as a person, away from the sport, I have quickly learned, he is more then another athlete. His quite and respectful demeanor, towards everyone and his joy to learn, you can not sit in the car for less then 5 minutes without Thales asking how to properly pronounce a word in English. It is incredible to see his passion to always learning and better himself and he takes that right back into the gym each and every single day.

On April 18, 2009 will the world be shocked???? I guess that all depends on who's eyes you are looking at the world Thur, if it's anyone close to Thales then the answer is NO!. Kimurawear is proud to offer the official Team Leites Training Camp.

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