Monday, August 3, 2009

Marlon Sandro gets robbed !!!!!!!!!

Kimurawear Sponsored Athlete Marlon Sandro got a decisive victory taken away from him by the corrupt Japanese Judges at Sengoku featherweight tournament semi-finals. The clear favourite to win the complete tournament, Marlon was clearly robbed, after beating the crap out of his opponent for three rounds it went to the judges score cards, where two out of he three called it a draw. This was a total shock, no one in the entire arena could believe this, after the judges met for a few minutes they awarded the victory to Omigawa. Check out the link says " Two judges rule the bout a 30-30 draw, but ludicrously side with Omigawa in their "must decision." Thus, Marlon Sandro is unjustly cheated out of what should be a clear unanimous decision."
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