Monday, January 11, 2010

Kimurawear Welcomes the Martial Arts Legned Black Dragon to it's Family

Kimurawear is proud to introduce it newest member of the Kimurawear family, Ron Van Clief "The Black Dragon". Ron established him self as of the greatest names in Martial Arts history and quickly translated that into one of the most recognizable faces on the Big Screen Thur the 70's & 80's, movies such as The Black Dragon, Super Weapon, Kung Fu Fever, Bruce Lee & Kung Fu Mania to name of few. At 51 this legend stepped into the UFC Octagon to face another legend Royce Gracie, becoming the oldest competitor in UFC history which still stands to this day. He then moved to the UFC commissioner role, till this day at age 66 this legend still conducts numerous seminars and demonstrates, continuing to push and grow the sport of Martial Arts. Kimurawear is thrilled to announce Ron as it's newest member to the family, we will be offer a line of vintage Black Dragon tees, which will be a sure hit. The first series will be released Feb 20, 2010.
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