Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fabricio Werdum Raw Talent is finally getting Molded into the man that will Conquer Fedor

My Daughter & Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Werdum was connected to Kimurawear, around two years ago when he was brought in for a weekend seminar. Back then Fabricio still called the little town Porto Alegre in Brazil home, with his family. Traveling away from home Monday to Friday and only coming back on weekends to visit the family, a sacrific that was needed. Fabricio first started training BJJ at the late age of 21, well many MMA fighters have already have plenty battles under there belts, Fabricio was only begining his journey. What many would find impossible, occured only 3 years later, as he took first place in Black Belt at the CBJJ World Championships at the age of 24. Even as his Jiu-Jitsu became world class, many of the needed aspects to becoming a true inspiring MMA star where not yet in place.

One year later, at the age of 25 Fabricio turned to the world of MMA, as a complete Jiu-Jitsu Competitor, he went on to a streak of 7 undefeated matches with a 6-0-1 record. As he began to make noise in the MMA world the competition began to increase, going 5-3-0 in the next 8 matches, showing signs of brilliance with victories over Alistair Overeem, Aleksander Emelianenko, Brandon Vera, 2 X Against Gabriel Gonzaga and a decision lost that could of went either way to Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira. One thing was lacking through all this, well every top MMA star, has a full team around them from Strength, Nutrition, striking, wrestling, conditioning. Fabricio did not have the full team and guidance around him to accelerate him to his full potential, he had got to where he was on raw talent and raw ability. Well on Oct 25, 2008, you could call it a sign of god, directed through the fists of a unknown young MMA star Junior Dos Santos.

The defeat via knockout, that left Fabricio in a puddle of blood would change his entire life in seconds. Going from top 4 HW in the world to finding a new home with StrikeForce, But what came about this was a change that would lead to a newer Fabricio. In 2009 he packed his bags with his wife and daughter and headed to the USA, making CA his new home, what came with this change was opportunity, first to be closer to his family and not miss all the precious moments of his daughter growing up. In the career path, this move brought Fabricio to an environment he had not experienced. for the first time under the famous Rafael Cordeiro he began a journey into the world of Muay Thai, he began training wrestling with elite wrestler's like Babalu, King Mo, he hired a Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Boxing Coach. It was amazing to see day by day this once complete raw talent that took Fabricio to top of the ranking, now being molding into this well toned Machine.

With two impressive victories since moving to the USA, what the public will see on June 26th, is not the Fabricio from Pride, not the Fabricio from UFC, he will enter into the cage a faster, stronger, smarter fighter, that is ready to shock the world and placing himself in history knocking off Fedor from the top of the ladder.

It has been a complete pleasure to have gotten the opportunity to know Fabricio, away from the sport. He is one of the most passionate, caring individuals you will ever meet. In that 6'4 250 lb frame is a true kid at heart, whether it was chasing my daughter around my kitchen or watching his eyes light up when I bought him a remote control helicopter. It's amazing to see the joy he brings to everyone around him. On June 26Th Fabricio will be challenged with the greatest opportunity of his career, and I am so excited and confident, this is his moment to shine and Kimurawear will be right by his side.
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