Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Dust has Finally settled after what some would say the upset of the Decade

5 days have pasted, and I am still working on getting my voice back from all the screaming, singing and my legs back from all the dancing :) Fabricio Werdum shocked the world as he locked in the perfect triangle/arm bar combo !! on the now EX #1 Heavyweight in the world. To see the once unstoppable robot called Fedor tap, was a credit card commercial in the making "Seats to the Event $75-, Beer $8-, Hotdog $6-, watching Fedor tap PRICELESS".
BUT the question I have is:
Did Werdum Shock the World?
Did the rest of the world not see what everyone close to Werdum Saw?
Many outsiders saw us at the hotel days leading up to the event, singing, dancing, laughing and specially screaming out loud "WERDUM TIME" (Special thanks to Doc for that!!). The major question on everyone's mind was Is Werdum not taking this seriously, is he not ready. But once you understand Werdum as a person, his carefree, fun and love for life, you will understand that the reason he was so relaxed is he had surrounded himself around the perfect team lead by Kings MMA owner Rafael Cordeiro (All I have to say about Rafael, everything he does is from his heart, Great person). Werdum had constructed the perfect game plan, he had trained harder then ever, and was 100% ready. Days leading up to the battle he was not stressed or auxious, he had done all his homework and now it was just a waiting game for the moment, that would change his life and put him on top of the world. I want to send a special thanks to Fabricio family and friends, who always make me feel like part of the family and another special thanks to the boys from Vic and Shant for coming up with me to San Jose and making it an amazing trip, these two are great friends and always show love and support to Werdum & Kimurawear. One last thing: VAI CAVALO!!!!!!!!

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