Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's DONE, Frankie you are the MAN!!! Sorry BJ

As Matt Hughes pointed out, you have to defend your title at least once to be considered the Champ, Well I guess it is clear to say Edgar your the CHAMP !!! Who would ever think BJ would be dominated like that, specially knowing he had something to prove at UFC 118. Frankie dominated in every possible position and moment, you have to admire his preparation and game plan for this fight, he left no changes on the table for BJ to take advantage of. I nominate a new Nick Name for Edgar, remove "The Answer" and call him Frank "The Bunny" Edgar, he did not stop hopping around that cage for the entire fight, that's what you call a calve workout LOL!!! Good for you Frankie, what a way to silence any critics of your last fight. Frank has a real special place in the Kimurawear Family heart, he was our first ever signature series tee, which he designed.
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