Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New 7oz Hybrid MMA Training Gloves

With the succes of our original 7oz hybrid mma training glove, it was a no brainer to continue the sucess with a new version of the glove. As with all of our products at Kimurawear, we dont just change the look of the product and then sell it. We strive to improve on the previous version of the product and make the product work better for the end user.

Our new 7oz hybrid training mma glove is loaded with new features that look at makeing a better and safer product for our customers. The wrist strap has been lengthened in order to allow a double wrap around the users wrist. A double wrap arround the wrist adds strenght and support to the users wrist, and prevents any kind of wrist injury from training.Another important feature that has been added to hybrid glove is added protection to the thumb portion of the glove. With mma gloves the thumb is exposed in training and has a chance of being injured. We took this into consideration with our glove reamake and added some extra protection in order to limit thumb injury. Our final new feature that the hybrid glove has is a softer mold on the inside of the glove. Our gloves are made from a high quality EVA foam material. We created a softer mold for the glove in order to add extra mobility for the users hand. This extra mobility adds comfort and flexibility to the user.

2 in1 Gym Bag Review by BJJ Culture

BJJ Culture is a website that is dedicated to the jiu jitsu and grappling community in the eastern part of the world. With many martial arts coming from that part of the world it is very fitting that such a website exists to catch all the news and information coming out of the part of the world. BJJ culture is a very respected website around the world and has selected one of our products (2 in 1 Gym Bag) to do a product review. We are very happy to offer up one of our top selling items up BJJ culture and to see what they think of it.

Review by BJJ Culture on 2 in 1 Gym Bag

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Bolt Series MMA Board Shorts

Lightning never strikes the same place twice, but that saying may change as Kimurawear releases our Bolt Series MMA Board Shorts. Aspiring fighters and athletes may find themselves striking with lighting efficiency the same place over and over again, while wearing our top of the line Bolt Shorts. Our MMA Board Shorts have been one of our staple products since the companies inception 7 years ago. We have been bringing our customers a top of the line product that has been embroidered with style for many years. This tradition continues with our new Bolt Line, and we expect this product to flying off the shelves like lightning.

We have added many innovative technologies to the bolt line, that will see your comfort and efficiency will excel in MMA, Grappling, Muay Thai or any athletic endeavor that the user decides to partake in.Firstly, our shorts are constructed with ultra light breathable rip stop 4 Way Stretch poly / Cotton / Spandex Blend material, making the toughest shorts on the market. We also added a added layer of stretch flex panels in the inseam of each leg and 2 inch reinforced split seam across the outside panels for added bonus range of motion when sprawling, shooting or kicking. Our adjustable velcro waistband design with internal hook & loop drawstring, will provide a secure comfortable fit during the ground game.

New 14oz Gloves

Many of our Muay Thai customers have been asking for a 14oz training glove for sometime. At Kimurawear we listen to our customers and take a keen interest into what they have to say. The people have spoken and Kimurawear has answered there call. Kimurawear is proud to announce the release of our 14oz glove line.

Like all of gloves, our 14oz gloves are top of the line in quality and technological innovations. Our new 14oz line is made of premium leather and all of our seems are reinforced for durability. These are the toughest gloves on the market, and are going to last the user much longer than the competitions. Another cool feature of our 14oz glove is our elastic wrist strap. This flexible strap adds extra wrist support as well as provides comfort to the user. Our gloves are fitted with a moisture repellent nylon fabric inside the liner. This high tech fabric allows gloves to dry 70% faster and eliminates odour.