Monday, April 29, 2013


Last year Kimurawear released its first SE series Boxing Glove and the response was overwhelming. Our loyal customers snapped them up as quickly as they came in, and the feed back was great. What grabs the end users attention, are the visual aspects of the glove. We created a visual stunning pattern on the glove that quickly irks the customers interest. We used a specially carbon fiber blend called Rexon for the construction of the SE series. This durable material has the ability to retain detailed artwork, much better than premium leather. Another aspect of the glove that is worth talking about is the feel of the glove. Everyone who puts one of these babies on mentions something about the boxing gloves comfort and feel.


Our SE Series Boxing Gloves also have all the perks of our original series. All of our gloves are fitted with our ReActive™ and Core Dry™ Techs. Our ReActive™ Tech top layer foams helps the boxing glove absorb impact and protect the user while our Core Dry™ Tech moisture repellent nylon inside liner, allows the boxing gloves to dry 70% faster and eliminates odor.


So far we have released two editions of our SE Series Boxing Gloves(Red, and Carbon Fiber). We plan on releasing our third sometime this summer. We have a few different ideas going around with color and design, and im sure its going to blow most away. Remember that these are limited run boxing gloves, so when there gone, there gone.


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