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TJ Grant
You've finally done it. You got your but a local mma gym and signed up. You are ready to take a few different classes, but you don't know what kind of mma gear you need. No need to worry, we are here to give you the run down, on what you may need or not need for begging training in mixed martial arts.

MMA/Boxing Gloves:

The most important piece of mma training equipment that you will purchase are your training gloves. Most striking classes are not mma specific and more than likely just involve stand up techniques. Boxing training gloves are great for all types of stand up training. The bigger the glove, the more protection is provided to the user. A 16 oz glove is used for sparring while a 12 oz glove is great for everyday pad, or bag work. MMA gloves are used for light sparring and grappling and not the first piece of mma gear that you should buy, but something that you might want to look at down the road.

Hand Wraps:

Are hand wraps a must for mma training. If you are just learning how to punch then absolutely. Hand wraps are designed to give you proper wrist support, which is very important for beginners who may throw punches incorrectly and take a lot of punishment on there wrist. Wither you are a pro or a rookie, hand wraps are an absolutely essentially for protecting your hands and wrists.

Mouth Guard:

How important are mouth guards in contact sports in general? Just ask your buddy who is missing his two front teeth. Mouth guards are a must for all mma practitioners doing live sparring sessions. Although sparring sessions should be controlled you never know what can happen and its better to safe than sorry. Many grapplers and jiu jitsu practitioners use a mouth guard when rolling, to prevent any damage. You may not need a mouth guard on your first day, but eventually your going to have to grab one.

Head Gear:

Your most important asset is your brain, so its best to be proactive about it. When you get more advanced and begin sparring, you should always wear head gear. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you need to get used to it and keep it on. If you are doing light sparring and are an advanced student of mma, then you can away with out wearing your head gear.

Shin Guards:

Shin guards are a used for light to heavy sparring sessions, in either stand up fighting or full mma training. They are must if you would like to take your training to another level and get some real live sparring sessions . You need to be able to react to kicking techniques in a safe environment,as well throwing your own kicking techniques. If you are starting out, then you may not need to purchase shin guards, but in the long run, they are must for anyone looking to compete or reach there potential as a martial artist.

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