Thursday, September 12, 2013


Josh Hill with Stinger Line Boxing Gloves Kimurawear has added the popular stinger line to its family of products. At Kimurawear we are always listening to our customers and the need for an affordable beginner line is what people are asking for. Stinger Line is a perfect fit for our brand. The quality of Stinger is far superior to any beginner line out there and the price points are very hard to beat. Kimurawear will remain our premium line, while Stinger will act is our new beginner line.

Stinger has been operating for over a year and has made an impact in the martial arts industry as the new top of the line beginner line. Using materials that many brands use in there premium brands, Stinger is a quality product which delivers in performance. The main upside to this brand is that it as much as $100 dollars cheaper than other brands out there, using the same materials. It is true beginner line without he price points to show it.

Stinger Line, includes an extensive line of mens mma/martial arts equipment including training gloves, mma gloves, shin guards, head gear and more. Another unique offering that our Stinger Line is offering our MMA starter kits of various combinations such as sparring kits, mma kits, boxing kits and more. Our Stinger line also offers a youth/kids line for those aged from around 6-12. We have two different kits for two age groups. Each kit has everything a kid would need to get started in martial arts training, and at an affordable price.

Kimurawear is very excited about adding this line to our brand, and is looking forward to the future of where our brand is going.

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