Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thiago Silva Gives it His All

Thiago Silva with Gloves

This past saturday at UFC on Fuel 2, Kimurawear athlete Thiago Silva faced off against top prospect Alexander Gustafsson in a light heavyweight affair. The bout went all three rounds with the Swedish import getting the nod from all three judges. An aggressive Thiago Silva could not deal with the reach advantage of his lanky opponent and was out pointed from a far. The fight wasn't without Thiagos moments, as he was able to score with solid punches from time to time, but it was not enough to turn the momentum of the fight. Gracious in defeat, Thiago acknowledged his opponents ability to keep him at bay and congratulated him for the performance. Thiago showed a true warriors spirit in his performance and never stopped looking for the knockout. We at are proud of Thiago for never giving up and for putting on an exciting fight.

Thiago Silva Kicking

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Future is Looking Green

Kimurawear has always been dedicated to maintaining a greener environment. Our green policies are in place to provide a cleaner and brighter future. One way in which we do this is by reducing our paper consumption as much possible. Our product catalog is only available on digital format and all of our paper used throughout our office is recycled paper.

Another of our green policies involves the production of our products. All of our prints are water based instead of the more polluting oil based inks. Also, the majority of our apparel is manufactured with organic cottons.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thiago Silva is Back

On March 31st, Kimurawear was in Coconut Creek Florida to take in some of Thiago Silva's training, as he prepares for his comeback fight on April 14th. Thiago Silva has been out of action for over a year and is looking to make a big impact upon his return during the UFC's first foray into Sweden. His opponent will be rising swedish star Alexander Gustafsson. This fight will see ether Thiago return to a top contender or continuation of Gustafsson's rise up the ranks.

Thiago Silva's raw and real talent can be seen in the photo-shoot that he took part in for Kimurawears ReActive line. Black eye and all, Thiago brought the intensity that he is known for into every picture taken. Kimurawears ReActive line is a high end and high tech product line that is geared towards everyday gym heros or professional athletes. The line contains mens and women's gloves, shin guards, muay thai pads, body protectors, mini target pads, curved kick shields, mma 4oz gloves, focus pads, 7oz hybrid gloves and head gear.

The technology behind the line lies in the reactive foam that is a main component in all the above products construction. This foam is specially designed, so that upon impact the product is able to reform its shape up to 60% faster than normal. This Technology reduces the repeated impact of multiple strikes, by reforming to its original state at a faster rate, then traditional foam. This allows for a safer and more protective environment , during fighting and training.

Thiago was in full Kimurawear ReActive gear for his training and photo-shoot in Florida. We are proud to have Thiago as the face of our ReActive line and are very excited to see his return to the octagon. We know Thiago will looking for the finish in Sweden and can guarantee an exciting fight.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

12 and 9 Inch Speed Bags Released

Mixed martial arts encompasses a variety of different arts, in-order to create the best possible fighter. One of the arts that is used in MMA, is the sweet science of boxing. Boxers rely on fast hand combinations in-order to out punch there opponents and are always looking for the knockout. The speed of which a fighter can deliver punches whether in mma or boxing, can be the deciding factor in determining the outcome of a fight. Boxers have relied on the speed bag for many years to keep there hands fast and sharp. At Kimurawear we have had great success with our initial 12 inch speed bag, and look to build on this success with a new 12 inch model as well as a smaller 9 inch model.

Both of our new models of speed bags are made with all premium leather and have been triple stitched in order to provide a top quality and durable product to our customers. The reason we now offer two different sizes in our speed bag line, is not only to give our customers more options, but to establish a beginner product (12 Inch) and a more advanced product (9 Inch). A key feature which differentiates our speed bags from the rest of the market can be found in the loop at the top of the speed bag. This part of the bag sees most of the wear and tear, and in order to counter that problem we have reinforced the loop with canvass liner.