Friday, January 4, 2013

Choosing the Right Glove

You have recently decided that you are going to start training in a certain martial art, but u are unsure of what kind of equipment you need. Most importantly what kind of glove are u going to need, when you start training? This is a common question for anyone when they start training, in boxing, mma, muay thai, cardio-kickboxing etc. Are all gloves created equal? The answer is defiantly no.

The first thing to consider when chosen a glove, is what are you going to be using it for. Are you going to be doing a lot of heavy bag work? Or are u going to be doing a lot of sparring with it. Generally, you can consider the folioing activities and choose the appropriate glove for it.

  • Sparring - Heavier Glove - For protection - 16 oz
  • Heavy Bag work - Thicker Glove - Bag Gloves
  • Competition - Lighter Glove - For Speed - 10 oz or 12 oz
  • All around training - Medium Sized Glove - 10 oz or 12 oz or 14 oz

Of course the above information is a general guide line to follow, there can easily be exceptions. In MMA competition a 4 oz glove is used, while for light MMA sparring a 7 oz hybrid glove is used.

Another thing to consider is the size of the individual that is going to be using the glove. A larger individual doesn't want to be using an 8 oz glove.

  • 8 oz - For Youth
  • 10 oz or 12 oz - Smaller sized individuals
  • 14 oz - Medium sized individuals
  • 16 oz - Larger sized individuals

Choosing the right glove is a very important decision to make. Having the wrong kind of glove can cause injury to yourself, as well as your training partner. If you still unsure of what glove to use, then the best option would be to ask your trainer, and there expert input onto what type of glove you should be using.

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