Monday, January 21, 2013

Fighter Profile: Colton Smith

MMA fighter, Army Ranger, Husband, Father, is there anything this guy doesn't do? Kimurawear is proud to announce that Colton Smith has been added to our roster of athletes.

Army Ranger

Colton is a dedicated army ranger, who is responsible for training new recruits in hand to hand combat, in Fort Hood Texas. He is known for his strong wrestling skills as well as a very sharp jiu jitsu game. Colton passes on these skills to new recruits and gets them prepared for real situations that they could potentially face in the real world.

The Ultimate Fighter

As a fighter, Smith most recently entered in the Ultimate Fighter Competition. Colton didn't have a lot of mma fight experience, but he made up for it with real life experience as an army ranger. Throughout his time in the house, Colton would be known for his dominating wrestling style of fighting. Once he was in range he would punch to clinch, or shoot, and then be all over his opponents. His opponents didn't have time to breath and mounted little in the sense of offense. After 4 consecutive victories, Smith found himself in the finale of the show and fighting for 6 figure UFC contract.

The Finale

At the finale of the Ultimate Fighter Show, Colton would be up against Canadian fighter Mike Ricci. Like Colton, Ricci had impressed during the competition. He used a well rounded skill set to find himself in the finals. He would have a striking advantage over Colton, but would he be able to hurt the Ranger, and stop his dominating grappling game. Smith would find the take down, easy and often, in the bout, while Ricci wasn't able to produce any kind of offense. The second and third rounds were the same as the first and Colton was to find himself the Ultimate fighter.

The Future

Whats next for Colton? He posses a very dominating grappling game that will see him do very well in the UFCs welterweight division. Unsure of when his next bout is for certain, you can guarantee that the new recruits at Fort Hood, are getting top notch instruction.

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