Thursday, July 4, 2013


Its fight weekend in Las Vegas, and UFC 162 the main event is definitely worth watching. The pound for pound best fighter in the planet Anderson Silva is defending his middleweight title against a very dangerous opponent in Chris Weidman. Also on the card is Franke Edgar who is making his second appearance at feather weight as well as jiu jitsu mater Roger Gracie, who has a heavyweight on his shoulders with his last name.

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman

Can Anderson do it again? For sure he could, and has a very good chance of defending his middle weight title yet again. Or is Chris Weidman the man to beat the King? One could make a strong case for Weidman to be the man for the job. There is no mistaking in the person to beat Anderson, will have to out wrestle him and control him for 5 rounds. The formula has been seen in action and almost to perfection from Chael Sonnen. The question begs to be asked is Weidman better than Sonnen? Although Sonnen has accomplished more in mma in terms of bouts and facing top level opponents, Weidman is definitely the better MMA fighter. Weidman has brown belt in brazilian jiu jitsu, and has developed some solid striking skills as well. I cant see Weidman out striking Silva, but he will defiantly put Anderson on his back more than once, and once he has him down, he is not getting up. But this is a 5 round fight, so the champ will have his opportunities to do what he does. Im going to go with Silva by tko, round 3.

Frankie Edgar vs Charles Oliveira

The former lightweight champion makes his second appearance at his natural weight class, when he faces brazilian import Charles Oliveria. Frankie faces a long and rangy in Oliveria but one would expect Edgar to be able to move in and out and score with his boxing. And if he ever does get into any kind of trouble, then taking downy the tall brazilian fighter shouldn't be a probably. I see a Unanimous decision for Edgar.

Roger Gracie vs Tim Kennedy

A Gracie returns to the octagon, and its not Royce. Roger Gracie is one of the greatest partitioners of jiu jitsu, of the present and his been able to showcase these skills in most of his mixed martial arts bouts. With the exception of Muhammed Lawal, this is Gracies toughest test to date against Tim Kennedy. Kennedy is a very explosive athlete how packs a lot power, but seems to be more comfortable on the ground. Kennedy shouldn't have any issues taking Gracie to the mats, but is that his best idea. I think he will keep it on the feet and box, with the long limbed Gracie. I see a tko for Kennedy in the opening round.

Other matches on the card include a middle clash of titans with Mark Munoz vs Tim Boetsch as well as feather weights Dennis Siver and Cub Swanson. Both bouts will be fun to watch, but i have a feeling the two featherweights are going to steal the show.

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