Friday, July 19, 2013


heavy punching bag Kimurawear has been expanding and growing tremendously in the past few years. We have constantly been expanding our product line, in order to satisfy our loyal customers needs. After a lot of customer feedback regarding heavy and thai bags, we deciding to go ahead and create something that sternly represents our brand. Quality is the driving force behind Kimurawear, and we didn't stop short on these bags. Our bags are made of a special synth-leather material. This material is extremely durable and has a tremendous amount of flex, making it perfect for bag use.


Our heavy bags weigh in at 100 pounds filled and measure in at 14" by 52". These bags are ideal for gyms as well as home use. They are designed primarily for punching techniques, and quite easy to assemble. Most gyms primarily have heavy bags, with a few thai bags as well.


Our thai bag is longer than the heavy bag. This is done so in the traditional thai style. One of the thai boxers greatest weapons is there low kicks, which cannot be done on a boxing heavy bag. The thai bag weights in at 120 pounds and measures in at 14" by 72".
Both types of bags come filled or unfilled, but we recommend pick up for the full thai bag as shipping would be quite costly. If pick up is not possible then we could potentially work out a solution.
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