Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Kimurawear lace up boxing gloves
Kimurawear has always been know for its high quality line of mma, boxing, and muay thai gloves. We look to take things to a higher level with the release of our new lace up pro boxing gloves. This glove isn't necessary a beginners glove, it is more for intermediate to advanced martial artists.

These new gloves are constructed with all premium leather, and have had all of its seams reinforced to make the most durable boxing glove on the market. The lace up system provides the most secure fit for training and sparring. Another innovative feature of our new lace up gloves, is our padded pockets around the base/wrist. These pads add extra protection when blocking punches and kicks.
Of course our new gloves have all of the same high end technologies that our other gloves are known for. Our ReActive™ Tech top layer foams helps the boxing glove absorb impact and protect the user while our Core Dry™ Tech moisture repellent nylon inside liner, allows the boxing gloves to dry 70% faster and eliminates odor.

We are very happy and excited about our new lace up pro boxing gloves and look forward to continuing to innovate and produce the highest quality mma, boxing and muay thai products.

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