Friday, September 10, 2010

Drew Fickett plans to turn around MMA Career after a Negative last 2 years

Drew Fickett was once considered one of the top 170 lb in the world in 2008 his record stood at 35-6-0, which is amazing in the MMA (Mixed Martial Art) World. But something happened, something triggered a sudden down slide that has watched Drew go 2-7-0 in the last 2 years. Tonight for Shine Fights Drew will be entered the ring, a different man, making the cut down to 155lb and looking the most fit we have ever seen him. This Shine Fights 8 Man Grand Prix is more then another pay day for Drew, it's a Rebirth of his career, many of us don't get second opportunities at something we love and tonight Drew was giving the opportunity that he belongs back on top, this time as a lightweight, a weight that suits him much better at this point in his career. Kimurawear is a proud sponsor of Drew Fickett, so good luck on your journey back to the top.
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