Saturday, September 11, 2010

Drew Fickett Turns Career Around with 3 Victories 1 Night (WATCH ALL 3 FIGHTS VIDEOS)

It was so nice to see, Drew Fickett look reborn again last night as he stood in front of the Oklahoma fans for Shine Fights 8 Man 155lb Grand Prix wth his arm rised. After fighting personal demons the last few years, it took more then just hard work to accomplish what he did on Friday night, it took Heart!!. This former UFC welterweight, entered this event knowing he had a massive weight cut to accomplish to reach the 155 lb mark. Then having to win three straight victories in one night would not be easy and would be another step up the ladder to the top. When the moment came to having the referee raise his hand and he was awarded the 8 Man Shine Fights Grand Prix Championship, it was a moment of completion, a moment that sets Champions apart, a moment that his journey back was complete and he had arrived. All we will say is look out all lightweights, "The Master" or is his name name "Night Rider" LOL! is back and better then ever.
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