Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shine Fights Sept 11 - Kimurawear Official Glove Sponsor, Lets Make this Happen !!!

After numerous Ups and Downs over the last 4 months, Shine Fights hopes to get this Sept 11 card up and running, with a few days left, the event has moved locations from original Virginia to now Oklahoma. Shine Fights has placed this amazing Grand Prix in the Ring / Pride style event together, lets just cross our fingers it happens. The potential for this organization to do wonderful things is amazing, if they could just get a string of some good luck going. Kimurawear is really pushing behind Shine Fights we are the OFFICIAL GLOVE Sponsor and also have two of our athletes on the card Kyle Baker & ex UFC Drew Fickett head to toe in the Best brand around :) Kimurawear.

So if your in the Oklahoma area PLEASE come out an support Shine Fights as this will be a super exciting card as 8 Light Weights battle in 1 night for $50.000 purse. The winner has to win 3 fights in one night, the action will be fast and furious !!!!!

The Event will be held at FIRST COUNCIL CASINO, to purchase tickets visit the Casino or online at or you could catch it LIVE on PPV 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST, call your local TV provider for more info.
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