Wednesday, January 30, 2013


UFC 155 goes down this Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada. The featherweight world title is up for grabs. Challenger Frankie Edgar drops down a weight class to take on Champion Jose Aldo. Another big match up on the card include the co-main event in which Rashad Evans faces Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. UFC 155 also sees the return of Alistair Overeem, as he faces Antonio Silva in a heavyweight clash that could have world title implications. An interesting match up between jiu jitsu wizard Demian Maia, against the re-surging Jon Fitch in a welter weight showdown is also taking place.

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar

Franke Edgar drops down to his natural weight class for the first time in his career, after achieving a great amount of success in the lightweight division. I wouldn't expect Frankie to show any ill effects after making the weight cut, perhaps he will be even faster if thats possible. How will Jose Also handle the speed of Edgar? That is going to be the deciding factor in the fight. Even though Frankie is dropping down a weight class, he is still the smaller athlete. Jose Aldo is a beast, and has a huge advantage when it comes to power. I would expect Jose to be able to get back to his feet after Edgar scores a quick takedown, which will most likely happen early and often. Can Frankie use his speed and boxing skills to out strike the champ. Jose Aldos leg kicks could be the deciding factor for an Aldo victory. Landing a couple of low kicks every round should slow down the challenger and see the title remain in the Brazilians hands.

Rashad Evans vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

The former champ Rashad Evans is back in action after his failed bid to reclaim his title. He has a tough opponent in Rogerio Nogueira who is a name that is always mentioned as a top contender, but always seems to never get right to the top. The winner of this bout doesn't secure a title shot by any means, but could potential be only one more big win away from such a shot. Rashad is the more explosive athlete out of the two, and has a big advantage in the wrestling department. Who is the better striker? I think Rashad will be able to out strike little Nog, while mixing in his wrestling skills to get the decision. I cant see Nogueira getting anything going off of his back, and his solid boxing skills will not be enough on the feet to handle Rashad.

Alistair Overeem vs Antonio Silva

The Reem makes his glorious return after a drug suspension and faces a dangerous opponent in Antonio Silva. The winner is probably in line for a title shot later in the year, if all the star aline for them. Both fighters are big powerful men with KO power. Alistair, has the better striking technique as far as over stand up skills are concerned, and Big Foot has the better submission skills. If the stays on the feet, which it probably will then Alistair has a very good chance of knocking out Big Foot. Overeems chin hasnt really been tested since he moved up to heavyweight and has been knocked out 6 times as a light heavyweight. Silva could be the guy to test it with his big hands if the fight gets sloppy. I see the Reem taking this one and getting a shot at Cain later in the year.

Jon Fitch vs Demian Maia

A very interesting welterweight match between Jon Fitch and Demian Maia takes place on the main card. Demian Maia, may have the best jiu jitsu in all of mma and hasn't missed a step since dropping to welterweight. Jon Fitch wins fights by grinding down his opponents, and wearing them down. Most likely Fitch will get the fight to mat, and control the fight, while doing just enough damage to not get stood up. Can Maia, get his jiu jitsu going against a Fitch who is a black belt himself? Its possible, as Fitch regularly finds himself in deep submissions, but always seems to find a way out and then win the fight. This fight could end up being fight of the night between two highly skilled grapplers. Im hopping for a Maia submission win, but Fitch usually finds a way to win fights.

A special shout out to Kimuarwear team member Dustin Kimura who is making his UFC debut. The sky is the limit for his youngster and we will be rooting for him to come with the victory!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fighter Profile: Colton Smith

MMA fighter, Army Ranger, Husband, Father, is there anything this guy doesn't do? Kimurawear is proud to announce that Colton Smith has been added to our roster of athletes.

Army Ranger

Colton is a dedicated army ranger, who is responsible for training new recruits in hand to hand combat, in Fort Hood Texas. He is known for his strong wrestling skills as well as a very sharp jiu jitsu game. Colton passes on these skills to new recruits and gets them prepared for real situations that they could potentially face in the real world.

The Ultimate Fighter

As a fighter, Smith most recently entered in the Ultimate Fighter Competition. Colton didn't have a lot of mma fight experience, but he made up for it with real life experience as an army ranger. Throughout his time in the house, Colton would be known for his dominating wrestling style of fighting. Once he was in range he would punch to clinch, or shoot, and then be all over his opponents. His opponents didn't have time to breath and mounted little in the sense of offense. After 4 consecutive victories, Smith found himself in the finale of the show and fighting for 6 figure UFC contract.

The Finale

At the finale of the Ultimate Fighter Show, Colton would be up against Canadian fighter Mike Ricci. Like Colton, Ricci had impressed during the competition. He used a well rounded skill set to find himself in the finals. He would have a striking advantage over Colton, but would he be able to hurt the Ranger, and stop his dominating grappling game. Smith would find the take down, easy and often, in the bout, while Ricci wasn't able to produce any kind of offense. The second and third rounds were the same as the first and Colton was to find himself the Ultimate fighter.

The Future

Whats next for Colton? He posses a very dominating grappling game that will see him do very well in the UFCs welterweight division. Unsure of when his next bout is for certain, you can guarantee that the new recruits at Fort Hood, are getting top notch instruction.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Strikeforce Wrap up

Strikeforce held its final event this past saturday January the 12th. The event was bitter sweet. It was sweet to see some of Strikeforces top athletes compete and showcase there skills, in front of a boisterous crowd. It was sweet to see a new champion crowned in the welterweight division, but it was also bitter in knowing that there will never be another Strikeforce event ever.

Daniel Cormier & Josh Barnett

Kimurawear went 4 for 5 with its main card pics. Not to shabby but the two heavyweight bouts weren't really up for discussion as to who the winner would be. Cormier and Barnett easily dispatched there over matched opponents and ended there Strikeforce careers with victories. Cormier will next fight in the UFC, possibly against Frank MIr, who he was supposed to fight on this card. Then theres the WarMaster. The outspoken Barnett has a rocky relationship with the Zuffa brass, which makes his future uncertain. Should he be in the UFC fighting the best heavyweights in the world? Yes. Will he? Who knows. Dana's ego doesn't always play nice, perhaps its time for Lorenzo to step in for those negotiations.

Tarec Saffiedine

The upset of the night was the main event as Tarec Saffiedine battered Nate Marquardt to become the first Belgian MMA champion in a distinguished promotion. Saffiedine used his superior technique and speed to out strike the UFC veteran, and cruised to a unanimous decision after 5 rounds. Marquardt will need plenty of ice and some bed rest for a few days, as his lead leg looked like something out of a horror movie by the end of the night. Does Saffiedine get an immediate title shot at the winner of GSP and Diaz? Perhaps. He is a dangerous match up for both fighters, and after he's last performance he looks ready. Where does Nate the Great go? To the UFC no doubt. He hit a road block and will be back for sure. He is still a powerful beast at welterweight and will a tough matchup for anyone in the UFCs top 10.

Gegard Mousasi

After taking a year off, Mousasi didn't miss a beat and was able to dispatch Mike Kyle with ease. Once the fight was on the ground, in typical Mike Kyle fashion he was a fish out of water, and Gegard was able to sink in the choke. It perplexes me as to why Mike Kyle cant develop a ground game, while training at one of the best camps in the world. Such an athlete, such a natural fighter, and now retired. I guess its for the best. Mousasi, will enter the UFC with a lot of momentum, and with his skill set could contend for the title with a only one or two wins. The Jon Jones riddle may be his to figure out, and his striking could see jones take someone to the mats for the first time in a while.

Ronaldo Souza

Jacare was way to much for Ed Herman in the opening bout on Showtime. Hermans herky-jerky stand up didn't offer much for Souza as he took the wrestler down early and was able to impose his will on the ultimate fighter alumni. Ronaldo is an amazing athlete with an amazing skill set that will see him steam roll many of the UFCs top middleweights. The problem arises when you get to the top of the division, where the greatest fighter in the world resides. Anderson Silva is a fellow country man, friend and training partner. It has already been stated that the two will not fight. Its good for Anderson in a way. Souza would be a very dangerous opponent. Not to say Anderson couldn't dazzle and defeat Jacare, but there are few challengers at middleweight who can actually contend with Anderson.

Strikeforce is dead, and Zuffa can add another name to there tombstone of defunct promotions. Is it good for MMA? Is it bad for MMA? Yes and No. Its bad that the Strikeforce product is no more. It was a high quality product with world class fighters putting on world class fights. But Strikeforces achilles heel has always been its lock of depth in any division and having a hard time match making for titles and such. With the merger there will be some great match ups in the UFC and each division is going to get a few fighters that could be UFC champions down the road. Stay tuned as I think I might have to write a blog about that.

Rob "the blog" Keller

Friday, January 11, 2013


On Saturday January 12th, 2012, Strikeforce will hold its final mixed martial arts event in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This will be the 63rd event that was put on the promotion, and they are going out on top with a stacked card.

The main event puts UFC export and Strikeforce welterweight champion Nate Marquardt vs Belgian fighter Tarec Saffiedine. Marquardt looked like an absolute beast in his Strikeforce debut against Tyron Woodley. He ended the fight in brutal fashion by knocking out the previously undefeated american top team product. An the other hand Tarec Saffiedine has to one of the most technical and precise fighters in all of MMA's welterweight ranks. Crisp and clean muay thai skills, and slick and dangerous jiu jitsu skills, make Saffiedine a threat to anyone he faces. This fight comes down to Marquardt's size, power, experience, against Saffiedine's technical abilities. Im going to say Marquardt by TKO round 2.

The next two fights on the main card so two Strikeforce newcomers take on two of there biggest heavyweight stars as Dion Staring and Nandor Guelmino take on Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett respectively. Are these match ups more of a showcase to see Cormier and Barnett march into the UFC with impressive wins? Maybe yes, maybe no, but one thing for sure is there opponents have a huge mountain to climb if they want a UFC contract. Cormier looks like the next big thing in the heavyweight division. He's Olympic level wrestling skills, combined with his athleticism have seen him make through his first 10 fights unchallenged. He has impressed with striking as he has felled big named opponents such as Jeff Monson, and Josh Barnett. Look for a quick victory from Cormier on Saturday. On the other end of the heavy weight showcase is Josh Barnet. A true veteran of the sport and one of its most charismatic individuals. He faces Austrian Nandor Guelmino. Who? Exactly. The 37 year old heavyweight has the opportunity of a life time. Beat Barnet and book a ticked to the UFC. Chances of it happening…….slim to non. Look for Barnet to take this to the ground early and get the submission win.

The final two fights on the main card have two former Strikeforce champions against tough but beatable opponents. Gegard Mousasi, returns after a lengthy layoff to take on one dimensional striker Mike Kyle. The obvious favorite would be Gegard as he has the more well rounded abilities, but u can never count Kyle out as he is a natural fighter with dangerous power. Mousasi will take this fight were ever it goes, unless there is some ring rust and Kyle is on his A game. In the opening bout, former Strikeforce middle weight champion Ronaldo Souza square off with UFC staple Ed Herman. Herman steps up to face one of the most athletic middleweights in the game, and will have to have the fight of his life to earn the victory. The fight may be competitive at first but Souza will impose his game, be it striking or ground and enter the UFC on a winning note.

Also on the card are some of Strikeforce's top talent, in Pat Healy, Roger Gracie, Tim Kennedy, Ky Noons, and Ryan Couture. Look for these guys to make the jump to the UFC with a win.

Strikeforce was a world class promotion that put on some of the best fights in MMA. Unfortunately the show has come to an end, but thanks for the great fights. The positive from the end of the show is that there will be some great match ups from Strikeforce fighters to UFC fighters. I will sit back and enjoy those ones as well.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Choosing the Right Glove

You have recently decided that you are going to start training in a certain martial art, but u are unsure of what kind of equipment you need. Most importantly what kind of glove are u going to need, when you start training? This is a common question for anyone when they start training, in boxing, mma, muay thai, cardio-kickboxing etc. Are all gloves created equal? The answer is defiantly no.

The first thing to consider when chosen a glove, is what are you going to be using it for. Are you going to be doing a lot of heavy bag work? Or are u going to be doing a lot of sparring with it. Generally, you can consider the folioing activities and choose the appropriate glove for it.

  • Sparring - Heavier Glove - For protection - 16 oz
  • Heavy Bag work - Thicker Glove - Bag Gloves
  • Competition - Lighter Glove - For Speed - 10 oz or 12 oz
  • All around training - Medium Sized Glove - 10 oz or 12 oz or 14 oz

Of course the above information is a general guide line to follow, there can easily be exceptions. In MMA competition a 4 oz glove is used, while for light MMA sparring a 7 oz hybrid glove is used.

Another thing to consider is the size of the individual that is going to be using the glove. A larger individual doesn't want to be using an 8 oz glove.

  • 8 oz - For Youth
  • 10 oz or 12 oz - Smaller sized individuals
  • 14 oz - Medium sized individuals
  • 16 oz - Larger sized individuals

Choosing the right glove is a very important decision to make. Having the wrong kind of glove can cause injury to yourself, as well as your training partner. If you still unsure of what glove to use, then the best option would be to ask your trainer, and there expert input onto what type of glove you should be using.

New Compression Line

2012 is coming to an end, and we had another great year at Kimurawear. We are planning on starting the new year with bang, and are very excited to launch our new compression line in January, 2013.

Our new line is going to be available in three different colors, white, black, and red. We are going to launch our new line, with vale tudo shorts, pants/tights, and a long sleeve rash guard.

What sets our new line apart from the competition is its sleek new and its many technological innovations. First of all we are using a brand new material, which is a Lycra / cotton poly blend. This material offers much more elasticity which increases the range of mobility of the athlete. The blend is of a much softer nature, and feels much more comfortable then anything else out there. The Lycra in the blend, wicks away sweet and keeps the user dry.

Special thanks to Josh Hill and Jared Robb for taking part in our photo shoot.